Couples/ Relationships


Do you feel you love your partner but are no longer feeling in love?


Do you have difficulty talking to your partner about the things that really matter to you?   

Do you feel that you seem to be arguing constantly with each other?

Is there something that has happened that has that has left you feeling shocked, betrayed or that there has been a breakdown in trust?

Do you feel you are headed in different directions and want different things in life?

Relationships Counselling aims to support you both and make sense of any negative interactional patterns and help you shift into more helpful and positive ways of relating. 

It can help you to explore the underlying issues that can lead to conflict and disconnection. It helps you develop your skills to work through the issues that are already there so that you can feel closer and more connected.

The aim is to enable you both to open up in a safe space but providing the right level of challenge so that you get the most out of each session. 


I facilitate you in a calm, solid and impartial way develop the kind of relationship that you want. 




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